Thar can be only one!

The Battle-Royale event is live n' will occur when all ships are moored at the same location. This can occur when a certain number of pirates are active on each ship and is also scheduled to occur on Fridays 8pm, Saturdays 5pm and 8pm, Sundays 5pm

Joinin' is free n' ye will suffer not ill affects other than loss of temporary stamina or power bonuses. To join in the Battle-Royale, type !Pirates Battle-Royale Join

Once ye joined, ye will be given a random weapon. The maximum damage o' weapons be +10. If ye don't like the weapon ye received, ye can try to get a better weapon wit' !Pirates Battle-Royale Roll

Ye will want to power up wit' herbs (in the market), wenches (brothel), rum (tavern), blackpowder (store), or sharpen (store). The main things used to determine a pirate's power be: STAMINA + POWER + WEAPON + RNG. Other things will affect power such as PIRATE LEGEND status, CHEATS, ZONBI, FACTION effects, SKILLS, CAPTAIN FAVOR, MENTAL STATE, MANACLES.

Once ye win in a round o' Battle-Royale, ye can loot ye opponents weapon wit' !Pirates Battle-Royale Loot

A pirate who is still in the battle n' had their weapon looted can get a new one wit' !Pirates Battle-Royale Roll

A pirate must lose twice or in the finals to be declared out o' the Battle-Royale. Below is an example o' how the brackets work:


The full list o' Battle-Royale commands be:

!Pirates Power <pirate> - Shows the pirate's Battle-Royale power

!Pirates Battle Royale Join - Joins in the Battle-Royale

!Pirates Battle Royale Help - Displays the in-game Battle-Royale help

!Pirates Battle Royale Info <pirate> - Shows a pirate's power, wins, n' status

!Pirates Battle Royale Last - Show whos the last Battle-Royale winner

!Pirates Battle Royale Loot - Steals a pirate's weapon that ye just beat

!Pirates Battle Royale Status - Shows how many pirates are left

!Pirates Battle Royale Tips - Gives ye some tips on how to win

!Pirates Battle Royale Top - Shows ye list o' pirates in the Battle-Royale, sorted by wins

!Pirates Battle Royale Roll - Lets ye 'roll' to try n' get a better weapon at the beginning o' the Battle-Royale


Winners o' the Battle Royale will receive a medal (ornamental), doubloons, speed bonus fer their ship, n' more based on how many pirates participated in the Battle-Royale.