Ye can play mini-games within Pirates to earn doubloons, skill points, n' braggin' rights!


Anchor, Map, Sword, Shark, Mruno - A game similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors, Spock, Lizard in which the Anchor acts as rock, Map as paper, Sword as Scissors, Shark as Lizard, and mruno as Spock.
Start the game wit' !Pirates AMSSM <Pirate> <Wager>. Example: !Pirates AMSSM CaptJack 25

Blackjack – A simple card game where the pirate who gets to 21 automatically wins, or the one who is closest to and under 21. 
Blackjack be started by typing !Pirates Blackjack Start <wager>

Dice – A simple game o' whoever rolls the highest dice wins. 
Start a game o' dice by typin' !Pirates Dice <Pirate> <Wager>. Example: !Pirates Dice CaptJack 990

Drinking – Whichever pirate reaches 10 points of drunkiness, loses!
Start by typing: !Pirates Drinking <Pirate> <Wager>. Example: !Pirates Drinking CaptJack 50

HiLo - A game o' guessin'! A random number will be selected n' ye gotta guess what it is. Ye will be told if ye need to go higher or lower. The pirate that guesses first, wins! Example: !Pirates HiLo CaptJack 25

Race – A game where ye must answer the question before anyone else!
Start by typing: !Pirates Race Start <Pirate> <Wager>. Example: !Pirates Race Start CaptJack 1000

Roulette (if available) – A game similar to Russian Roulette.
Start by typing: !Pirates Roulette <Pirate> <Wager>. Example: !Pirates Roulette CaptJack 250