Heists are elaborate missions requirin' cleaver n' patient pirates, but can be very rewardin'...

A heist will require an invitation to a special event which will give ye unprecedented access to places rarely visited by common pirates. Once inside, ye n' ye crew will need to search rooms for clues and/or items to progress. Ye can bring items which may help avoid bein' caught by guards or to progress past obstacles.

Heists may require one or more pirates in your crew to have certain skills or bring items with them. Any number of pirates can join in the heist, however, the more pirates who join, the less the payout.



Heists will have 3 different difficulties. The higher the difficulty, the higher the rewards. Difficulties are based on the size of the port. Basement/Lower levels are not shown on schematics.

  • Towns - House consistin' o' 3 floors and 13 rooms
  • Cities - Mansion consistin' o' 4 floors and 22 rooms
  • Strongholds - Palace consistin' o' 4 floors and 31 rooms


How to Start a Heist:

  1. Receive an invitation to a special Governor's event, such as a party by vistin' the Governor's residence, !Pirates Governor Visit
  2. Once received, view the details o' the inviation wit' !Pirates Chest <item ID>
  3. Visit the Governor's residence durin' the time o' the event n' a new option will be available in !Pirates Governor
  4. Ensure ye meet the requirement o' the heist n' start a call for others to join ye in the heist.
  5. After a few minutes, if all requirements are met, the heist will begin.
  6. Once the heist begins, only the commands below will be available


Commands available to players participatin' in the heist:

  • Clues - lists the clues the crew has found
  • Depart - leaves the heist. once performed, ye will not be able to return to the event
  • Examine - examines a room, chest, or secret door
  • Floors - lists the floors of the building
  • Go - moves ye to a room or floor
  • Help - lists commands available to ye. Commands are dynamic n' may only be shown during certain situations or events
  • Items - lists the items which 'ave been found and any you brought wit' ye
  • Move - moves ye to 'nother floor
  • Rooms - lists the rooms on the floor ye be currently on
  • Search - searches a room
  • Status - shows the status of the heist
  • Use - uses an item