Port Faction Size Wealth Last Raided Claimed by
Antigua Spanish City Affluent 3days 16hrs ago...
Barbados Dutch Stronghold Opulent 23hrs 52mins ago... The Flying Dragon
Bermuda Spanish City Boomin' 1wk 1day 21hrs 37mins ago... Dark Sails
Campeche English Town Poor 5days 15hrs 59mins ago... The robothive
Caracas Spanish Town Destitude 6hrs 24mins ago... The Revenge
Cartagena Spanish City Boomin' 2wks 1day 16hrs 20mins ago...
Coro French Town Poor 3days 5hrs 1min ago...
Cumana Pirate Haven Haven 8hrs 1min ago... The Revenge
Curacao Dutch City Affluent 2days 23hrs 5mins ago... The Elite
Eluthera Dutch City Affluent 1wk 1day 17hrs 30mins ago... Mousey McMouseface
Florida Keys French Town Poor 4days 7mins ago...
Gibraltar English Town Impoverished 1wk 22hrs 13mins ago... Rising Sun
Gran Grenada Spanish City Affluent 5days 22hrs 21mins ago... The Wandering Soul
Grand Bahama Dutch City Boomin' 3wks 6days 12hrs 58mins ago... The Revenge
Guadeloupe English City Affluent 1wk 6days 3hrs 57mins ago... HMS Interceptor
Havana Dutch City Boomin' 2wks 1hr 51mins ago... The robothive
Leogane Spanish Town Destitude 2days 22hrs 2mins ago... HMS Interceptor
Maracaibo Dutch City Boomin' 1wk 1day 7hrs 36mins ago... Rising Sun
Margarita English City Boomin' 1wk 4days 21hrs 24mins ago... The Flying Dragon
Martinique Dutch City Affluent 5days 22hrs 39mins ago... Mousey McMouseface
Montserrat French Stronghold Opulent 6days 7hrs 44mins ago...
Nassau Dutch City Affluent 2days 15hrs 7mins ago... HMS Interceptor
Nevis French City Affluent 1wk 9hrs 27mins ago... Mousey McMouseface
Nombre de Dios Spanish Town Poor 1wk 2hrs 1min ago... HMS Interceptor
Panama Dutch Town Poor 6days 16hrs 38mins ago...
Petit Goave French Town Destitude 15hrs 23mins ago... The Valencia
Port-de-Paix Spanish Stronghold Opulent 4days 16hrs 26mins ago...
Puerto Bello French Stronghold Opulent 2days 8hrs 14mins ago... HMS Interceptor
Puerto Cabello English Town Impoverished 1day 4hrs 19mins ago...
Puerto Principe Spanish City Affluent 6wks 2days 1hr 10mins ago... The Elite
Rio de la Hacha English City Boomin' 4wks 5days 10hrs 40mins ago...
San Juan Spanish Town Destitude 2days 20hrs 43mins ago...
Santa Catalina Dutch City Affluent 3wks 2days 23hrs 28mins ago... The Wandering Soul
Santa Marta English City Boomin' 3days 12hrs 39mins ago...
Santiago de La Vega Independent Stronghold Opulent 1wk 5days 19hrs 20mins ago... The Elite
Santiago French Stronghold Opulent 1wk 3days 3hrs 44mins ago...
Santo Domingo Dutch City Affluent 4wks 1day 1hr 7mins ago... The Valencia
Sint Maarten Dutch Town Destitude 1wk 8hrs 49mins ago... Mousey McMouseface
St. Augustine English City Affluent 4wks 2days 23hrs 8mins ago...
St. Eustatius French Town Destitude 23hrs 15mins ago... HMS Interceptor
St. Kitts English City Boomin' 1day 16hrs 10mins ago... HMS Interceptor
St. Martin French City Affluent 1day 10hrs 8mins ago... Dark Sails
Tortuga English Town Destitude 2days 22hrs 28mins ago... HMS Interceptor
Trinidad Independent City Affluent 4days 22hrs 49mins ago... The robothive
Vera Cruz Spanish Town Impoverished 1wk 1day 2hrs 37mins ago... HMS Interceptor
Villa Hermosa Dutch Town Impoverished 2days 2hrs 10mins ago... The robothive
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