PiratesIRC Code o' Conduct


The followin' be against the Code:


PiratesIRC encourages players to cooperate and compete in the game, but crossing the line into abuse is never acceptable.
If you come across a player violating the policies below, you should report them by following the procedures listed in-game with !Pirates REPORT

1) Communication

  • Hate speech and discriminatory language is inappropriate, as is any obscene or disruptive language. Threatening or harassing another player or staff is always unacceptable, regardless of language used.

2) Names

  • Names and Nicknames are subject to the same rules established above. Names and nicknames must be appropriate, inoffensive, and must not be the same as other players or staff. Any name that violates this will be changed with potentially additional consequences. NOTE: Acceptable names are determined by player reports and PiratesIRC decision.

3) Cheating

  • Cheating in any fashion will result in immediate action. Using scripts or 3rd party programs to automate any facet of the game, exploiting bugs, or engaging in any activity that grants an unfair advantage is considered cheating.

  • Sharing exploitable bugs with others is also unacceptable.

  • Report bugs by following the procedures listed in-game with !Pirates BUG

4) Behavior

  • Behavior that intentionally detracts from others' enjoyment (such as griefing, throwing, feeding, etc.) is unacceptable. We expect our players to treat each other with respect and promote an enjoyable environment. Acceptable behavior is determined by player reports and PiratesIRC.

  • Falsely reporting another player with the sole intent of restricting their gameplay is unacceptable.

  • Unacceptable behaviors also include any conduct that is considered by PiratesIRC to be cheating or other unsportsmanlike conduct such as use of secondary accounts (clones), intentionally losing, playing minigames with clones to earn doubloons/rewards, etc.

  • If you're unsure if your actions violate this code of conduct, reconsider them. We reserve the right to restrict offending accounts as much as necessary to keep the game as a fun experience for all.


The followin' punishment may be awarded for not abiding by the Code:

  • Brigged for minutes to hours or even days
  • Banned from using !P commands
  • Designated as a bot which will only enable you to use some !P commands
  • Account deletion
  • Account "corrections" such as removing exploited money or items
  • Permanently or temporarily banned from a ship or all ships
  • Ships having multiple instances o' rule breakers may be banished to 'The Void' n' unable to sail





Once you 'ave read these rules n' agree to them, put ye mark on the parchment wit' !Pirates Rules X