The most infamous pirates in the seven seas...


fishcake o' Mousey McMouseface be the most beloved Cap'n (74) o' the seven seas!


The most abhorred captain (28) be gusman21 o' The Elite!

Foxy o' The Elite has no life other than bein' a pirate by typin' P 8,482 times!


zednor o' Black Laks has worked the most consecutive days! 79 days active!!!

Foxy o' The Elite be a bounty hunter by collectin' 73 heads!


Southern_B|tch o' Twisted Mystic just be along fer the ride n' has idled for 65 days!

Foxy o' The Elite be the most vicious by winnin' 1,063 duels!


Foxy o' The Elite be the worst at duelin' by losin' 273 duels!

Foxy has dueled 182 pirates who not be a member o' The Elite!


ZesT`y o' The Elite fishes more than any other... 505 fishes!

ZesT`y o' The Elite just digs holes (388) all day!


Foxy o' The Elite just like to play games all day n' has played over 193 games!

fishcake o' Mousey McMouseface loves to swim n' has dived into the drink 280 times!


ZesT`y o' The Elite be the scummiest by catchin' 101 diseases!

ZesT`y o' The Elite been performin' the most Captain duties wit' 626 commands!


HellSpawn o' Twisted Mystic hates authority n' has partaked in 34 mutinies!

ZesT`y o' The Elite has a permanent hammock in the brig aft' bein' sent there 31 times!


HellSpawn o' Twisted Mystic has walked the plank 20 times!

tors o' The Elite be disciplined by the Cap'n 25 times!


ethereal o' The Elite drinks more rum than any other... 75 times drunk!

ZesT`y o' The Elite has ADHD n' has flooded the ship 14 times!


HellSpawn o' Twisted Mystic loves chests n' has picked at 98 of 'em!

Phoenix o' The Elite be the biggest troll (55) in the seven seas!


SuTToN o' Black Laks be the one who you don't want to turn ye back to or drop any soap... 111 charvers!

Foxy o' The Elite be lonely n' has visited 140 brothels!


HellSpawn o' Twisted Mystic be the biggest smarty pants (or quickest at usin' Google) by solving 6 riddles!

ZesT`y o' The Elite wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the time wit 11 parties!


Zest`y o' The Elite needs to stay down below decks as they 'ave fallen overboard 16 times!

Indiana Jones never be as good as ZesT`y o' The Elite, who has found 65 treasures!


TorS o' Twisted Mystic is definitely not a bot n' has answered 3 captchas correctly!

OrFeAsGr o' Twisted Mystic is goin' to be investigated aft' mruno sees all these captchas bein' answer'd incorrectly (2)!!!


ZesT`y o' The Elite be the most politically savvy pirate by installin' 22 new governors!

ZesT`y o' The Elite has raided the most ports (68)!


TorS o' Twisted Mystic be a Twilight fan n' has been turned into a creature o' the night 39 times!

ZesT`y o' The Elite will never die aft' bein' a Zonbi 64 times!


Worst Thief Award goes to Foxy o' The Elite fer failin' 130 times!



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