Take Care o' Ye Ship...


Ammunition | Damage | Hit Points | Shipwright | Port Raids | Ship vs Ship Battles



Protect the ship n' it will protect ye. Be aware o' danger o' the sea as if a monster attacks or a fire erupts, the ship is the only place ye can go...

Ammunition - There are several different kinds of shot that can be purchased and used depending on what the ship is fighting. Round shot is always available and is a good all around ammo to use. All other ammunition must be purchased at a port's market.

Shot Type Damage vs Monsters Damage vs Ports Damage vs Ships
Canister - ++soldiers --structure -hull ++personnel +sails
Chain + +soldiers -structure -hull +personnel ++sails
Exploding ++ +soldiers ++structure ++hull +personnel -sails
Round no modifier no modifier no modifier ++hull -personnel -sails


Hit Points - Ye ship has 100 hitpoints. if it falls below 50hp, ye ship will not be able to sail from a port until it reaches 50hp. Ships will regenerate hp at a default rate of 1hp/minute when docked at a port. The ship will heal itself to 11% HP when anchored or moored at a cell. Ye can view the ship's HP wit' !Pirates HP

Damage - When ye ship is damaged, it will not travel as fast. Once the ship is below 10% HP, it be unable to sail.

Shipwright - Each port will have a shipwright that can services the ship and outfit it wit' ammunition, cannons, n' upgrades. !Pirates Shipwright

Upgrade or Service
Doubloon Cost
Bronze Cannons1
Curacao's market
+25% damage when usin' ship's cannons
+10% accuracy
Epic monsters: stuns, hurts, n' increases time to dispatch monter
Ship vs Ship Battle Chase phase - Pulls other ship within gun range
Ship vs Ship Battle Battle phase - Extends time
Hull Cleaning2
All Port Markets
37% speed increase on the next voyage
Copper Plating1
Vera Cruz's market
Increase ship speed by 12%
Cotton Sails1
Bermuda's market
Increase ship speed by 25%
Fine-Grain Powder1
Puerto Principe's market
12% more damage when usin' ship's cannons
Hull Grease2 All Port Markets 25% speed increase on the next voyage Low
Teleport Stone1 Pirate Haven market Enables the Cap'n to teleport the ship to a Pirate Haven High
1 - Effect will be retained until the next season starts or if looted when ship has lost in a Ship vs Ship battle
2 - Effect is only for the next voyage
3 - Can only be used once per day

Ship vs Ship Battles - This event puts your ship up against another ship may it be a player run ship or bot ship.

Ship vs Ship battles will start if:

  • Both ships are connected to IRC
  • Both ships are sailing
  • Ships are within 3 cells of one another http://tiny.cc/PiratesLive
  • Cells are equal to 2 leagues
  • Ships are not in a ship battle cooldown

Ship battles will consist of 4 phases: Chase, Battle, Boarding, End

  • Ship battles will start at the Chase Phase. Once ships are within 1 league of another, the Battle Phase can be initiated.
  • If the ships continue in the Chase Phase and the distance is 0, they will collide and the Boarding Phase will be initiated.
  • If a ship starts the Battle Phase, the Boarding Phase will can be initiated once a ship has <25% HP. If a ship has <10% HP, that ship will surrender and the End Phase will start.
  • In the Boarding Phase, once all pirates are defeated in duels, the End Phase will start.
Ship1 = ship that initiated the attack
Ship2 = ship that is being attacked

If time limit is reached, battle stops and both ships will resume sailin' to their previous destination:
  • Ship2 will be hidden an unable to be attacked until docked or moored
  • Chase phase has a 15min time limit
  • Battle phase has a 15min time limit
  • Boarding phase has a 15min time limit

At anytime...

  • Ship1 can abandon the attack
  • Ship2 can surrender which will initiate the End phase

Command Cooldowns - in order to even the playing field between small and large populated ships, (!P Battle Unfurl, Reef, Fire, etc) will be based on a base cooldown + number of pirates onboard + number of pirates active


Chase Phase

Both ships must be sailing and near each other
This phase will be initiated by a vote from the crew or the Captain
This phase begins with Ship2 having the choice to run away or fight from the Captain or a number of the crew. The longer it takes for Ship2 to decide, the closer Ship1 gets
If no response, Ship1 will incur a speed bonus that may enable it to catch up (then have option to attack or board the ship)
If Ship2 decides to run, both ships will have the ability to raise/lower sails
If Ship2 decides to fight, the Battle Phase will begin

Ship2 trying to escape:
Ship2 will be able to choose what direction to sail, (North, East South, West), and must be cognizant of land masses, weather, and borders of the live map
Ship speed will be dependent on what direction ship is moving in relation to the wind and wind speeds
Sails on both ships will be set to half (6/12) so players can unfurl them to increase ship speed
Once Ship2 changes direction, Ship1 must match the direction. The time it takes for Ship1 to match Ship2's direction will be factored into speed
Ship speed will be based on: ship upgrades, speed bonuses, number of sails raised, direction (for Ship2), direction change time (for Ship1), wind direction, if Ship2 is idle, and ship1 will receive a speed bonus

If Ship2 goes over 10 leagues, the ship 'gets away'
If Ship1 closes within 2 leagues, The Battle Phase will begin
If Ship1 does not get within 2 leagues of Ship2 within 15mins, Ship2 will be hidden from the live map and will not be able to be attacked by Ship1 for a short time

If Ship2 is running, Ship1 can abandon the chase and continue on their original voyage
If Ship1 gets within 1 league, Ship1 can start the Battle Phase
If Ship1 gets within half a league, Ship1 can start the Boarding Phase
If distance becomes 0, battle phase will be skipped and boarding phase will commence. Both ship's players will suffer penalties for the ship collision (stunned, stamina or power loss, etc). Speed at time of impact will determine how many pirates are stunned and how much stamina/power penalties they receive

Player Commands:

  • Abandon - Ship that started the attack can stop the chase. Cannot be performed if the other ship has decided to attack back
  • Attack - Ship that is being attacked can use this to start the battle phase
  • Patch - Repair the sails
  • Insult - Insults the other ship
  • Message - Messages the other ship
  • Rig - Repairs sails and hull
  • Shore - Repairs the hull
  • Status - Gives the status of the battle
  • Steer - Turns the ship a direction (north,east,south,west)
  • Surrender - Ship that is being attack can give up
  • Unfurl - Raises a sail to go faster
  • Reef - Lowers a sail to slow down


Battle Phase

Must be initiated by Ship1 or Ship2 with !P Battle Attack
Ships will automatically rig the sails - Battle Sails (8/12 raised)
This phase will be similar to interactive port battles, where you can raise or lower sails, steer the ship, shoot your gun, shoot cannons, etc.
Depending on what ammo type is used, will affect damage to the sails, hull, or pirates
More sails raised = faster ship is at which means more damage and chance to hit other ship
The more damaged a ship is, the slower it will be...
The faster of the two ships will be more accurate in shooting the other ship or pirates
Players who are hurt during the battle will either unable to perform commands for a short time or lose power/stamina
There is a chance a cannon shot can take out multiple inactive players (for the rest of the ship battle) during a successful hit (Critical)
If a ship reaches <25% health, either ship can initiate the boarding phase
If a ship reaches <10% health, the ship will surrender and the End Phase will be initiated

Player Commands:

  • Board - If close enough, can start the boarding phase
  • Insult - Insults the other ship
  • Fire - Fires a cannon
  • Load - Loads a cannon
  • Message - Messages the other ship
  • Patch - Repair the sails
  • Rig - Repairs sails and hull
  • Shore - Repairs the hull
  • Shoot - Uses your gun to shoot at pirates on the other ship
  • Status - Gives the status of the battle
  • Surrender - Ship that is being attack can give up
  • Unfurl - Raises a sail to go faster
  • Reef - Lowers a sail to slow down

Boarding Phase

Must be initiated by Ship1 or Ship2 with !P Battle Board OR if distance is 0 in chase phase, ships will collided
This will consist of players battling each other

Players can choose who to attack and player power will be based on:

Rare weapons (+3 each), unique weapons (+2 each), regular weapons (+1 each), Stamina, Power bonuses, Capn (+2), power cheats, adrenaline, vampyre, werewolf, faction, skills: (swordsmanship, marksmanship, meditation, defense), Age (>30 years is -power), and RNG

Pirates can 'power up' by visiting the store for blackpowder, sharpen, rum or using items that give power or stamina.
Players can see their boarding power wit' !P Power
Captains will gain +2 favor with each duel
Inactive pirates (pirates not !P Awake) will automatically fight in the background. On shared channel ships (in !P Game Options, Reduce Msgs: ON) the duels will not be announced to prevent excessive messages
Pirates that lose a duel or are critically hit, will be unable to continue the battle
If the boarding phase is taking too long, chance for multiple inactive players to be taken out by RNG to 'hurry up' the boarding
After all pirates onboard the ship have been defeated, the other ship wins

Player Commands:

  • Duel - Gives a list of pirates you can duel. If you specify a pirate, starts a duel with them
  • Insult - Insults the other ship
  • Message - Messages the other ship
  • Power - Displays your power durin' the boarding phase. Ye can look up the other ship's pirate power with !P Battle Power <pirate>
  • Status - Gives the status of the battle


End Phase

This phase will pay out the winning ship
Amount of reward will depend on how many phases the ships went thru n' how many duels (if any) and how much the losing ship is worth
Doubloons, items, bonuses, ship upgrades, ship bonuses can be rewarded
Loser will safely sail to a nearby port - unable to be attacked by the other ships and hidden from the map until after docking