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The end be nigh!


The plunder be divided at level 30. Can ye ready to win the season n' be forever immortalized?


Once a pirate reaches level 30, the plunder will be divided n' that will be a period of rest before the ship gets underway again.
All stats, doubloons, items, etc will be wiped. Learn more about the end of a season here.

The winner of the season will be immortalized in the Pirates Hall of Fame.


All of these commands are available to ye!

Level Fishing Digging Store Bot
Games Pirate
Blackjack Diving Cap'n
Bounties Auctions Sabotage Personal
Mutinies Markets Skills1 Troll Invest Group
Trading Diseases Mental
1 - Skills can be acquired at any level with the help of a skill book or season bonus.


Skills - Continue to work on ye skills. Skills be best when ye reach at least level 3.

Chests - Upgrade ye chest size if ye need it n' definitely upgrade ye lock n' traps to keep the thieven' rats away. It may be best to try n' keep ye chest full until ye close to leveling up or its near the end of the game.

Trollin' - Ye can only troll until level 28. So troll all ye can beforehand.

Cheats - Have ye found any cheats yet? If not, maybe ye can barter wit' another pirate n' find some out or maybe ye can guess some of 'em? Ye can only use cheats up to level 25.

Personal n' Group Quests - Personal quest get harder as ye level up, so it may be best to get wit' some other pirates n' start up a group quest. Group quests be harder to fail at unless ye 'ave a member that can't stay onboard for the duration of the quest.

Mutinies - Mutinies be the best way to catch up to the Cap'n that may be far ahead from the rest of the crew. The Cap'n will lose more doubloons the more pirates that choose aye durin' a mutiny. Thar be a chance for a 'critical' mutiny that will take away even more doubloons from those Cap'ns that keep all the doubloons fer themselves.

Store - Watch how ye spend ye doubloons! Try not to purchase unneccessary items such as customized weapons, renaming weapons, nickname changes, etc.

Aging - Ye may need to start worryin' about ye age. Players will start the game at 18 years. Ye will gain age 1 year for every 10 levels you gain, when the season is over (a player reaches level 30 and wins the season), and during certain misfortunate events. Once ye are over the age of 30, ye will be deducted 1 point of power. Players that reach 40 and 50 years of age will be dudected 2 and 3 points of power, and so on. Ye can regain ye age by purchasing an elixir from the store (!Pirates Store Youth). Ye cannot buy the elixir from the store after the season has ended.

Disease - Disease be common in the pirate world n' can be spread to other pirates when ye come in contact with them (charver, duels, rob). Once a disease has reached 100% (see !Pirates Disease), ye stamina will be reduced 2 points per disease. Diseases will increase 10-20% every 12 hours onboard fer up to 100%. Ye can cure diseases by purchasin' fruit in a port's market.

Disease Fruit
Consumption Star
Boils Soursop
Flux Guava
Gout Mamey
Gripes Chayote
Itch Noni
Pox Gooseberries
Scurvy Orange
Stones Ugli
Typhus Genips
Lycanthropy1 ???
Vampirism1 None
1 - Not blocked by Anti-Disease

Trading - A good way to earn some profit be buyin' n' sellin' goods from markets as ye travel between ports. Once ye buy goods, ye can only sell them once they reach 100% maturity. Below be a list of items ye can sale n' how much each faction desires 'em. The values of goods also increase in value the longer ye keep 'em. The current accumulation rate be 5% per hour and top out at 200% of the purchase price.*
To maximize profit, buy low n' sell high. For example, ye will want to buy Luxuries at an English port ( -40% below normal value), and then sell at a Spanish port (+40% value)
Use !Pirates Goods to see what goods are ready to sell. Use !Pirates Market Sell All Goods <All or type> to sell ye goods in the market.
A port's market 'ave a limit on how much ye can sell. If ye buy items from the market, then the market can buy additional items from ye. This applies to specific markets i.e. Coro's Market will only buy 3 items from ye, unless ye buy somethin' or until a new day. Same applies to Faction Ports. A specific faction will only buy 6 items from ye if ye do not buy anything to them.
Now if ye keep the goods long enough for the value to mature n' sell 'em to a faction's port that highly covets those goods, ye can earn a hefty profit! * - Stolen goods will not accumulate value.
If ye use the Trader season bonus (!Pirates Bonus Trader), the amount ye can sell to markets n' factions per day will be doubled!

Value of Goods

Goods Normal Value Dutch Value English Value French Value Spanish Value Independent Value Pirate Value
Prices updated Sep 27, 2021





Good Luck!