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So ye no longer a landlubber, eh?

Now be the time to 'ave some real fun since ye know the basics.
Ye can now mutiny the Cap'n, set out on quests, learn skills, troll other pirates, n' more!


Commands fer Apprentice Pirates

Level Fishing Digging Store Bot
Games Pirate
Blackjack Diving Cap'n
Bounties Auctions Sabotage Personal
Mutinies Markets Skills1 Troll Invest Group
1 - Skills can be acquired at any level with the help of a skill book or season bonus.


If ye startin' to get a bit tired of keepin' on top of Pirates, ye can start idlin' and maximize ye profits by joinin' the Jesuit faction n' start learning the meditation skill.


Mutinies - At level 10 ye can participate in mutinies against the Cap'n. The Captain is the pirate with the most doubloons. If ye mutiny against the Captain (!Pirates Mutiny), ye will need other pirates to vote (!Pirates Aye) for the mutiny to continue. If the Ayes are higher than the Nays, the mutineers will take doubloons from the Captain and split a portion of the doubloons n' the pirate who started the mutiny will be 'crowned' Cap'n. This player will remain Cap'n until they lose a duel (when challenged by another pirate) or an hour has passed at which time the richest pirate will be the next Cap'n. This be the most powerful command in the game! Read here about how the number of pirates needed to mutiny is calculated.

Skills - Skills can greatly affect the game. Choose the skill that best suites ye style of play. Non-active players, or idlers, will want to choose the Meditation skill. Pirates who like to duel should choose the Swordsmanship n' Marksman skills. Pirates who like to fish should obviously choose the Fishing skill, thieves choose the Thievery skill, n' pirates who like to do everything but duelin' should choose the Defense skill.

Personal Quests - Personal quests are very profitable fer when ye get to level 10. (!Pirates Quest List) View the details of each type of quest (!Pirates Quest Details <type>) and compare the cost versus the reward and choose the most profitable and shortest quest (!Pirates Quest Start <type>). Ye can only start one quest per day.

Investments - Ye can invest in a port's businesses to earn doubloons. The rate of return is not guaranteed n' be dependent on the amount of business the institution has received from the game world. Ye can collect earnings every 24 hours wit' !Pirates Invest Collect
Ye be limited to investing in one business per port n' must collect at least once every 7 days, else the business will assume ye 'ave been lost at sea n' it will keep ye earnings.
Busy businesses are ye best bet at earnin' n' ye can see how many transactions a business has at a port wit' !Pirates Port Info <port>
When ye purchase an investment, the proof o' investment will be stored in ye chest n' can be stolen. Purchase investments usin' !Pirates Invest Invest <Business>
Ye can sell ye investments, at a reduced percentage of your wealth wit' !Pirates Market Sell <Chest ID>

Business Brothel Tavern Market Shipwright
Percent per Transactions (ye will earn) 0.025% 0.025% 0.025% 0.025%
Cost (% o' ye wealth) 10% 15% 20% 25%


Trollin' - Trollin' another pirate be a fun way to get back at 'em or just to 'ave a lil' fun. Thar be different outcomes that can be possible n' they all might not end up as ye may think. Take care when usin' the !Pirates Troll command.

Group Quests - Group quests be similiar to personal quests, but require at least 2 other pirates to join ye. The number of pirates required will be listed in !Pirates Quest Group Details <type>. Group quests be better for players who are havin' a hard time completin' personal quests. Group quests can only fail when a pirate is not onboard for 3 hours or when several pirates are not onboard and the cumulative hours is 3 or more.

Port Markets - When ye be at a port thar be items ye can purchase that is not available in the ship's store (!Pirates Store). Ye can purchase items such as herbs, charms, coins, chests, chest accessories, n' more. Ye can see the list wit' !Pirates Market. Not all markets 'ave the same items, so ye can get the Cap'n to change ports n' even sail to a different faction's ports to be able to purchase different items. Ye can sell items that ye catch or steal wit' !Pirates Market Sell. If ye want to sell all ye items, use the !Pirates Market Sell All command. This will sell all ornamental items that cannot be used. Items that are useable will not be automatically sold wit' this command n' must be sold individually wit !Pirates Market Sell. Markets 'ave a limit on how much ye can sell. If ye buy items from the market, then the market can buy additional items from ye. This applies to specific markets i.e. Coro's Market will only buy 3 items from ye, unless ye buy somethin' or until a new day. Only ornamental items n' 100% mature goods can be sold in the market.

Market Items

Item Market Type Effect
Chest Items All See here
Goods All Must be level 20+. See here
Food All Decreases hunger n' in some cases, increases stamina
Fruit All Cures diseases
Lockpicks All See here
Upgrades All Upgrades weapons to match ye level
Green Herb Dutch or Pirate Increases stamina
Red Herb English or Pirate Increases duelin' power
Brown Herb French or Pirate Increases duelin' power
Yellow Herb Spanish or Pirate Increases stamina
Black Herb Independent or Pirate Vaccine for Zonbi-itis
Blue Herb All Heals all diseases
Anzid Poison Dutch or Pirate Increases duelin' power
Nightbane Poison English or Pirate Increases duelin' power
Mosfungus Poison French or Pirate Increases duelin' power
Furux Poison Spanish or Pirate Increases duelin' power
Nightmother Poison Pirate Turns a pirate ye duel into a vampire (only applies to pirates on own ship)
Bokor Poison Independent or Pirate Turns ye opponent into a Zonbi
Ducatoon Coin Dutch or Pirate Gives ye a 30% discount on an item in the ship's store
Farthing Coin English or Pirate Increases ye favor wit' the English
Denier Coin French or Pirate Grants ye a parlay
Cob Coin Spanish or Pirate Throws a pirate o' ye choosin' in the brig
Decay Curse Pirate Ages a pirate a random number o' years
Destruction Curse Pirate Damages another ship for 1 hour (or until they repair it at a port)
Expel Curse Pirate Sends another ship to a random location
Imprisonment Curse Pirate Traps a pirate for a few minutes
Plague Curse Pirate Infects a pirate with a disease (will be infected or will have to pay doubloons if under the diseased level)
Shift Curse Pirate Teleports own ship where ye want
Zonbiness Curse Pirate Turns a pirate into a zonbi
Health Elixir All Heals another pirate
Shadow Elixir All Hides ye from port authorities when comittin' crimes
Ship Upgrades Various See here


Chests - When ye join the crew ye get a small chest that can hold 6 items. Ye can upgrade ye chest size if ye be high enough level. Currently, a medium chest requires ye to be level 13 n' level 20 fer a large chest. To better protect ye chest, ye can buy a stronger lock. Ye start out wit' a tin lock n' can upgrade to an iron, copper, brass, n' finally a steel lock. Again, these stronger locks require ye to be a certain level. If ye be havin' a thief problem that keeps pickin' ye lock, ye can buy a trap to injure n' maime the thief. Acid, Arrow, Curse, Spike, Poison, n' Bomb are some of the traps ye can purchase. The thief will first need to bypass or disarm ye trap n' if they cannot, they can lose stamina, power, or even doubloons (used to be healed by the doc'). If they do get past ye trap, then they must get passed ye lock. Ye trap can be destroyed after successfully thwartin' a thief or even after stoppin' a thief, so keep tabs on ye chest to see if the trap is still set wit !Pirates Chest.


Chest Sizes

Chest Size Item Capacity

Lockpickin' - See somethin' in ye shipmates' chests that ye want? Well why don't ye ;ave a go at it? The !Pirates Lockpick command be used to steal an item from a pirate's chest. Just be sure they 'ave somethin' in thar for ye to get wit' !Pirates Chest <pirate>. When ye be goin' aft' a chest, be wary of traps such as acid, arrows, spikes, n' even bombs! Ye 'ave a small chance to detect traps, but ye 'ave a better chance at seein' them if ye 'ave that thievery skill which can also help ye pick that lock a bit easier. If ye finally get past the trap (if equipped) n' the lock, ye will steal one random item from the chest. Oh yea, ye will need a lockpick set from a port's market before ye can even attempt to crack open a chest.


Chest Locks

Lock Pirate Level Required Effectiveness*
See Note 1
1 - Mininum level required is same as Lockpicking level


Chest Traps

Trap Pirate Level Required Effectiveness*
See Note 1 and 2
See Note 1 and 3
1 - Mininum level required is same as Lockpicking level
2 - Available at Dutch, English, n' Independent ports
3 - Available at French, Spanish, n' Pirate ports

Skills can affect lock and trap effectiveness.


Thar be somethin' ye should know about the Cap'n...