Game Preview | How to enlist | How to get PiratesIRC on your own channel or network


Pirate Ships (Game Instances):

Abandoned-IRC Server: irc.Abandoned-IRC.net Channel: #ZW-chat - Shared Channel

Darkscience Server: irc.darkscience.net (port +6697) Channel: #Pirates

LaksNet Server: irc.laks.ml Channel: #Pirates

Freenode Server: irc.freenode.com Channel: ##Pirates

MyAnonamouse Server: irc.myanonamouse.net (port +7000) Channel: #Pirates - Private server

Rizon Server: irc.rizon.net Channel: #Elite-Chat - Shared Channel

robothiveIRC Server: irc.robothive.org Channel: #Pirates

TwistedNET Server: irc.corruptnet.org Channel: #Pirates

XeroMem Server: eggdrop.xeromem.com Channel: #Pirates

Don't have an IRC client? Get mIRC or HexChat.

* If ye be new to the network, ye will need to register yer nickname so others for authenication. Type /msg Nickserv Help to learn how to register your name on the network


After Connecting to the server and joining the channel, type !Pirates Enlist <Gender> <Faction>

Genders: Male, Female, or Undisclosed

Faction: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Native, or Jesuit Click here to see the differences in faction bonuses

Example: !Pirates Enlist Male English

All ready to go? Check out the Rules, Help, and Tips on playing!



Pirates on Dalnet using Mibbit Web IRC Client



Interested in adding PiratesIRC to your network or channel?

Network must have Services for authenication n' the channel must have at least 20 active chatters.

The game can be put in a shared channel in a "reduced messages" mode. Contact mruno