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Nov 25: Completed changelog for November. Going on holiday for a few weeks. Message the bot any bugs n' be descriptive (bot messages help), but they most likely wont be fixed until I return. A mod will be monitoring the game on all ships.

Nov 1: Changelog for the month is here.

Oct 6: Changelog for the month is here.

Sep 30: Changelog for the past couple weeks is here.

Sep 20: Back from holiday. Currently compiling list of bug reports n' debugging.

June 29: Going on holiday for a few weeks. Message the bot any bugs n' be descriptive... They most likely wont be fixed until I return. A mod will be monitoring the game.

June 22: Homeports fer pirates that not be valid (cells/grids), now be fixed.

June 21: Investments now 'ave a chance to cost ye more doubloons or not 'ave earned any profit.

June 17: Leveling requirements reduced on most ships.

June 13: Number o' player tasks be adjusted. Msg $me for comments or suggestions.

June 9: Increased difficulty fer hall o' famers.

June 6: Added !Pirates Captain Special which starts an event or gives the crew a gift.

June 4: Buffed thievery skill n' doubloons now be stolen in every successful lockpick.

June 3: The pirate that finds treasure (!Pirates Search) will get an additional reward.

May 30: Charisma, Luck, Marksmanship, Swordsmanship skill effects 'ave been buffed.

May 29: Investments are now live for pirates level 13+. !Pirates Invest

May 23: Player chests were too big n' caused problems. Sizes 'ave been reduced.

May 22: !P Port <port> shows last visit time (recording of last visit started May 21).

May 21: Investin' in a port be coming soon!

May 20: Added rare weapons n' diamond items to "!Pirates Cast" event.

May 18: Ships moored at same port will now announce when they depart. Decreased difficulty fer hall o' famers.

May 14: Added an 'Epic Monster Event' to where the monster will 'ave health. Ye will need to shoot, stab, use the cannons, or repair the ship when it occurs wit' !Pirates Defend

May 13: Ship treasure maps are now verbose when locations are shown n' can "expire".

May 11: 25% decrease in port distances.

May 10: Added top stats fer the day: !Pirates Top Today <charver,dig,duels,fish,rob,triggers,work>

Apr 30: Bot will randomly offer reward fer performin' actions.

Apr 29: Pirates who use commands (eg. duel, steal, fish, dig) the most will receive doubloons at the end o' the day (starts Apr 30).

Apr 23: Fixed brig bribe vouchers, added brig bribe vouchers as special market item, n' !Pirates Disease now tells ye what fruit ye need to buy.

Apr 17: Maps that ye keep fer yeself now be easier.

Apr 15: Fixed debug mode cheat (005). Level 29 pirates will receive reduced payouts from achievements

Apr 14: Added !Pirates Top Hate and !Pirates Top Love

Apr 13: New skill code n' lowered skill levels. Ship tasks now be easier to complete especially at location that are not ports.

Apr 10: Show ye love or hate to the Cap'n wit' !Pirates Love or !Pirates Hate

Apr 9: Pirates game moved to a new server with less lag.

Apr 7: Added Shorter IDs fer new chest items. New format uses the number of items ye 'ave had in ye possession since the beginning o' the season vice unix epoch time.

Mar 30: Skill requirements have been reduced.

Mar 29: Added new confirmation fer !Pirates Sail n' it now shows time to destination.

Mar 28: Reduced failed mutiny doubloon penalty on the one who started it n' now all mutineers pay doubloons.

Mar 24: Bot ship will now rob pirates when moored at same port as ye ship.

Mar 23: Cap'ns now get 5% favor increase when mooring at port where another ship be.

Mar 22: Ye can now rob pirates o' other crews, !Pirates Rob <pirate> <ship>. Pirates partakin' in successful crew commads, !Pirates Crew, will be rewarded doubloons.

Mar 21: If ye chest is full, ye now will get doubloons instead o' items when a treasure chest is found.

Mar 20: Away nicks now automatically set when ye change ye nick.

Mar 18: Sabotage n' Counter now require more than 1 pirate.

Mar 15: Increased "anti-spam" cooldown for achievements.

Mar 14: Troll cooldown decreased.

Mar 13: Lockpick cooldown decreased.

Mar 11: Queen Anne's Revenge will now hunt other pirate ships. Once moored at the same port as ye, her crew may duel ye n' try to sabotage ye ship!

Mar 8: Reminder, set a password (!Pirates Options Password) as a backup method to login (in case of nickserv being down).

Mar 5: Added special ship events while in the Bermuda Triangle

Mar 4: Added game difficulties fer hall o' famers. Some difficulties were already implemented n' were discussed here.

Feb 27: Added new ship treasure map system. Read about it here.

Feb 25: Bot can now charver players. Max number o' ship maps now be based on ship population.

Feb 24: Bot can now rob players. Increased idle bonuses to keep up wit' new bonuses fer active pirates. Fixed !Pirates Rusty

Feb 23: Chests now show newest items first. Treasure maps that ye keep are marked as used in ye chest.

Feb 22: Limits introduced for sharin' treasure maps since ships have too many of 'em! More changes to treasure maps be comin' soon.

Feb 21: Hall of Famers can now be dueled at level 2.

Feb 19: Added a ship fire event n' new minigame !Pirates Bomb

Feb 16: Added 1st o' the Day bonuses for certain actions. The Captain will be given a reward fer claimin' ports. Added !Pirates Chest All

Feb 12: View ye active vouchers wit' !Pirates Vouchers. !Pirates Skill Status now shows skill cooldown time. !Pirates Davey Jones can now take power, stamina, or both.

Feb 11: Charver, DaveyJones, Dig, Dive, Fish, Rob, n' Work now show cooldown times. Chest n' Rusty now use page numbers (!Pirates Chest 2, !Pirates Rusty 2)

Feb 8: AMSSM (!Pirates AMSSM) is now on all ships.

Feb 5: Bein' 100% diseased now takes -2 (per disease) from ye max stamina.

Feb 2: !Pirates Charver n' !Pirates Davey Jones now take duelin' power instead o' stamina from victims.

Jan 28: Max stamina now be +6. Ship tasks take 1 stamina.

Jan 26: Stamina is not factored in ye duelin' power n' only be needed to perform activities.

Jan 25: Normal stamina now be +10. Robbin', dig, cast, charver, defend, storm, lockpick, fish, dive, sabotage, n' work now take stamina. Reduced cost o' !Pirates Wench n' !Pirates Store Rum

Jan 17: Critical hit occurance durin' duels has been reduced.

Jan 16: Added "max" wagers to games (Ex: !Pirates Dice <player> max). Added ability to sail ships almost anywhere (cells A-S n' 1-16: See http://tiny.cc/PirateMap). Landlubbers (Pirates below level 10) can level up twice a day. Failed mutineers will be brigged fer 5 minutes.

Jan 13: Pirates can now be dueled more than 4 timee per day if they partake in duelin' (dynamic max number of duels/day). Ports can now declare indepedence: previous faction will offer reward fer rebel ports to be raided. See a list o' independent ports wit' !Pirates Ports Independent, then sail to the port, Cap'n will have option to raid the port with !Pirates Raid. If raid is successful, Cap'n can choose a new Governor from any faction using !Pirates Install.

Jan 9: Increased fruit effects fer curing diseases n' decreased disease infection rates.

Jan 8: !Pirates Mercy reduced to 12 hours. Added !Pirates Captain Riddle. Games pots are listed in !Pirates Games. Market Buy achievements have been reset due to conflict issues.

Jan 6: Added a new 'riddle' event.


Dec 21: Be sure n' get ye gifts fer Christmas on Dec 24 n' Dec 25 wit' !Pirates Christmas

Dec 11: Added a chance fer spouses to leave pirates for certain reasons. Added chance to get a voucher when arriving to homeport.

Dec 8: Added !Pirates Gift to give new crewmembers doubloons fer joinin'. New sailin' should be bug free so sailin' events have been re-added. Bot will periodically notify or add doubloons to game pots to entice pirates to play games.

Dec 2: Skill level requirements have been reduced!

Dec 1: New sailing algorithm! The live map by ThumperDone shows voyage progress. Ships move diagonally n' sail thru land. Maybe one day I will code up some pathfinding to go around the landmasses.

Nov 29: Ye now get bonus fer sharin' map wit' the shps

Nov 28: Added several brig limits n' a "get out of jail free" voucher.

Nov 27: Coins now are displayed in the market. Different coins fer different faction ports. !Pirates Market Coins

Nov 26: Added a health n' shadow elixirs to the market. Health will heal other pirate that be hurt n' shadow will hide ye from to help in charverin' n' robbin'. Ports also unable to catch ye will usin' shadow elixir. !Pirates Market Elixir

Nov 21: Rare lockpicks give ye 25% better odds durin' lockpickin' vs lock (not traps). Rewards be given fer advancin' a level in skills.

Nov 19: Ye now get a reward for leveling up.

Nov 16: Lockpicks now 400% cheaper. Added vouchers which act as free coupons for items in markets n' stores. Ye can get a voucher from bottles that be floatin' in the sea, random events, n' from the Cap'n (!Pirates Captain Voucher). Vouchers will be stored in ye chest when they are unknown n' when they have been identified. Vouchers will be removed from ye chest once ye 'ave used the identified voucher.

Nov 15: Added !Pirates Revenge. If another pirate performs charver, duel, davey jones, rob, or troll on ye a certain amount of times, ye will be notified that ye can get vengeance on them. Revenge will bypass cooldowns and limits on those aforementioned commands. Read more in the help.

Nov 14: If you are "active/awake" ye will now receive a /notice instead of /msg. If ye are idle, notices will now be personal messages.

Nov 12: Small chests now 'ave space for 10 items, medium 15 items, n' large 25 items.

Nov 11: Ye now get a bonus for consecutive days bein' active by usin' !Pirate commands. Ye can now see if ye can progress in a skill ye learnin' wit' !Pirates Skill Status.

Nov 5: When the ship is now damaged, it must be repaired by the crew, !Pirates Crew Repair, the Cap'n, !Pirates Captain Repair, or will be repaired over time.

Nov 2: Added !Pirates Discard for the pack rats that need to clean out their chests.

Oct 30: Added details on how duels be calculated. Added the Anchors, Maps, n' Swords game by contr0l, !P AMS

Oct 17: Added zombie attacks/outbreaks that can occur durin' certain events.

Oct 15: Added a disease system for master pirates.

Oct 8: Treasure maps 'ave been reworked. Once ye receive a treasure map, they will be store in ye chest. Ye can sell them in the market or ye can use them wit' !Pirates Use Treasure Map. Follow the prompt to decide if ye want to keep it fer yeself or share it wit' the crew. If ye keep it fer yeself, ye will receive all of the treasure. If ye share it, ye will get part o' the treasure, but it will be divided among the crew. After ye decision, ye will read the map n' see where the treasure appears to be. If ye decided to keep the map, the map will continue to reside in ye chest until the treasure be located, otherwise sharing the map removes it from ye chest. Once ye arrive to a port that a map be near, ye will receive a notification (channel message if ye shared the map, no notification if ye kept it fer yeself) to use !Pirates Search to locate the map. Keepin' the map may make it harder to locate than sharin' it wit' the crew. Ye can use !Pirates Maps to see where the deciphered maps are showin' ye where treasure is located.

Oct 6: Added !Pirates Port Rep which shows ye reputation wit' the port ye sailin' to or currently moored at. Thar be a chance ye be jailed or a bounty posted on ye if ye rob, charver, snatch, duel other pirates while in a port. Ye chances of bein' caught be increased durin' the day n' at ports that be controlled by factions that ye are hostile or neutral to. Regular duels onboard the ship vs other pirates can now result in a stalemate.

Oct 5: Bad things can happen in the night such as monster attacks n' less guards catchin' robbers n' thieves in ports. See if it be day or night wit' !Pirates Time

Oct 4: Introducin' special events fer every day o' the week, from Tispey Tuesdays to Psycho Saturdays! Read more here.

Oct 2: Ship tasks (!Pirates Ship Tasks) be removed once for every hour the ship be moored.

Sep 28: Added !Pirates Heal which is to be used to heal yeself after a duel. If someone duels ye n' wins, ye will be "hurt"for a random amount of time n' then ye will recover. Healin' now makes it where ye can instantly recover from a lost duel. While ye are hurt, ye will not be able to initiate a duel until ye are healed over time or with the heal command. Ye will not be considered hurt if ye start a duel n' lose.

Sep 27: Added !Pirates Awake to show what pirates be considered currently active. Critical hits now take power away from the loser instead of extra doubloons.

Sep 26: If the ship gets a new Cap'n durin' a mutiny, the mutiny will be cancelled.

Sep 23: Added ability to rob the bot. Greatly reduced cooldown between charvings, davey jones, n' robbings.

Sep 22: Added !Pirates Rusty. Triggers that 'aven't been used in at least two days will earn ye a bonus. The list o' "rusty" triggers will be populated when ye use 'em for the first time.

Sep 17: Added !Pirates Time to show the in-game time n' how long until the next day.

Sep 16: If ye do bad things at a port, the port has a chance to post a bounty on ye. If ye be friendly wit' the port, ye odds of gettin' a bounty posted on ye be reduced. When the ship sails away from the port, ye bounty will be concluded.

Sep 14: Cap'ns can now duel other ship's pirates n' vice versa

Sep 10: Greatly increased chances to raid a hostile port n' added chance to raid neutral ports. Added !Pirates Ship Captain and a shortcut for Capn vs Capn duel while moored: !Pirates duel Cap'n <ship>

Sep 9: Cap'n vs. Cap'n duels are now active! Added more info for !Pirates Ports Near n' !Pirates Ports Unclaimed

Sep 5: Ye can now upgrade weapons when moored: !Pirates Market Upgrade

Sep 1: New pirates now 'ave 1 free faction change that can be bought in the store: !Pirates Store Faction

Aug 30: Leveling adjustments. Fixed double leveling bug n' !Pirates Tavern

Aug 26: Get ye rum at a tavern to restore stamina: !Pirates Tavern. When ye visit the tavern ye 'ave a chance to steal doubloons if the opportunity arises, gain knowledge on how to cheat, get treasure maps, or learn intel on ports n' other pirate ships.

Aug 25: Leveling adjustments. If ye duel anyone from the bot ship, Queen Anne's Revenge, thar be a chance the Cap'n will duel ye back n' catch saboteurs.

Aug 19: Crews now earn bonus when ship claims a port.

Aug 14: All of the ports' factions are now synchronized. Here be some charts for cheats, maps, n' skills.

Aug 13: Added !Pirates Sabotage <ship>

Aug 12: Ship that controls most ports now be rewarded every two days.

Aug 9: Added !Pirates Ports Claimed n' !Pirates Ports Closest

Aug 8: Added Ship Tasks that be needed to be done before the ship can sail. Read more here.

August 7: Poll - What should be added next to Pirates? Results can be seen here.

July 31: Added ability for ship to claim ports. Read about it here. Poll Results: Should the Cap'n be responsible fer ship repairs? Ayes: 74% Nays: 26%

July 30: Added Crew commands: clean n' grease to help the ship go faster during voyages: !Pirates Crew

July 29: Captains can now stop a mutiny wit' a party: !Pirates Captain Party

July 28: Renamed weapons now be fully repaired: !Pirates Store Rename

July 26: 'The Test Ship' now be 'Queen Anne's Revenge' wit' a large crew fer ye to charver n' duel (when at same port).

July 25: Poll Results: Keep season duelin' bonuses: Ayes: 58% Nays: 42%

July 23: Hall of Famers no longer receive season bonuses so other pirates 'ave a better chance of winnin'. Added Ship items to the market for the Cap'n to purchase: Clean n' Grease. Both items will increase the ship's speed while sailin'. More ship items soon. !Pirates Market Ship

July 22: The crews 'ave voted with overwheliming majority for pirates be able to win more than one season per ship!

July 15: Thievery odds now fixed when lockpickin'.

July 13: Added !Pirates Ports Today to show which ports the ship has visited.

July 12: Game world is now 20% smaller. Added ability to charver pirates on other ships when moored at the same port: !Pirates Charver <pirate> <ship>

July 11: Cap'n can now change course while sailing wit' !Pirates Sail. Added way to message other ships that be nearby or when moored: !Pirates Ship Msg <message>

July 6: Added 6 more cheats.

July 4: HiLo game now be out oo' beta.

July 3: Weapons are back to normal prices.

July 1: Added !P Mercy which keeps other pirates n' the Cap'n from performing any bad commands on ye like rob, duel, lockpick for 24 hours, but ye cannot issue any commands during this time.

June 30: Ye can now only start two new skills. If ye already 'ave started more than two, ye can continue wit' what ye 'ave. All skills have been boosted.

June 29: Added new minigame, HiLo. Currently testing it n' all wagers be set to 100, ye will get a bonus fer playing it (for a limited time). !Pirates HiLo

June 28: Game wagers can now be set with abbreviations (example: !Pirates Dice <pirate> 10m will wager 10,000,000 doubloons). Weapons breaking durin' network duels should be fixed. New Weapons, repairs, n' customizing be temporarily discounted.

June 27: Captain dueling power now be displayed in !P Power n' amounts be listed here. Adjusted Cap'n favorability for several items.

June 25: Network Duels are now active (!Pirates Duel <pirate> <ship>). They cannot claim bounties nor have a chance for criticals. Added ability to hide ye ship's location n' gains the Cap'n +15% favor: !Pirates Captain Rumor

June 24: Level 3 players will receive a free gun n' sword. Compiled some charts to show how successful tin, iron, n' copper locks be at keepin' thieves out (brass n' steel data unavailable at this time), what skills are the most popular, n' how successful ye be when ye either keep or share a map.

June 23: The following commands now work fer pirates on other ships: power, weapons, status, stamina, info. FORMAT: !Pirates INFO <pirate> <ship>. If ye duel someone on another ship, ye both get bonus doubloons while network duels be in beta.

June 22: Ye can now duel pirates from another ship (aka nework duels). Both ships must be moored at the same port. !Pirates Level will show ye who ye can duel n' !Pirates Power <pirate> <ship> will show their power. Duel wit' !Pirates Duel <pirate> <ship>. !Pirates Ship to learn about other ships.

June 15: Leveling adjustments on some networks.

June 13: Added Capn command Party which gains the Cap'n +20% favor.

June 09: Hall of Fame pirate nicknames (!Pirates winners) be in red to serve as a warnin' fer landlubbers.

June 06: The pirate bot (!Pirates Bot)now has a chance to start a game wit' ye (durin' a 'random event')

June 04: Added !Pirates Homeport which shows what port ye call home n' the last time ye visited. Extra stamina bonus for pirates who visit their homeport when the last visit was greater than 3 days.

June 02: Lowered pirate apprentice level requirements, again. Added alt login for some game instances. See !Pirates Help Password in game.

May 28: Pirates needed fer mutiny now only count onboard pirates level 10+

May 27: Lowered pirate apprentice level requirements.

May 26: Pirates who back/sponsor a low level pirate now be paid a bonus.

May 22: Ye can now set away/idle nicknames in !Pirates Options. Useful when your BNC changes your nickname when you are not connected. Ye can still earn doubloons, but ye can still be dueled. If Cap'n, ye will still lose doubloons fer 'not bein' onboard'.

May 21: Pirates can now make requests (!Pirates Request) of the captain. If the Cap'n grants the request, he or she will gain favor wit' the crew. See more here.

May 19: New captcha system.

May 14: Pirate Captains level 4 and below can now only use !Pirates Sail n' !Pirates Captain Command

May 03: New game instances have been updated n' be listed here.

May 02: Added way to view game options that may vary between networks (instances): !Pirates Game Options

May 01: Captains now be assigned daily tasks. Lockpicks bought from market now be shown in chest. Lockpicks found durin' digs, fishin', etc now be useable.

Apr 26: Whoever mutiny Cap'n will become Cap'n for an hour or until loses duel. See more here. Cap'n command cooldown reduced. New Captain command: Share (+10 favor)

Apr 25: Captains deemed 'overpowered' (far ahead of other players) will have favor permanently set to 50%. Super overpowered set at 25%. Read more here.

Apr 23: Captains deemed super overpowered now easier to mutiny. Added a short delay to prevent lockpickin' a chest after gettin' an item.

Apr 13: Ye can now sell guns/swords that be in ye chest to a port's market.

Apr 10: Reduced level 10+ requirements.

Apr 09: Only mature goods, stolen goods, n' ornamental items can be sold in markets.

Apr 06: Added some new !Pirate Ship commands...

Apr 04: Stamina n' odds be fixed in !Pirates Dive.

Apr 02: All players now have memoserv disabled and can turn it back on in !Pirates Options

Mar 31: If Cap'n has not performed a comand in past 2 hours, -5% favor (every 2 hours). Sailing time 60min or more awards -5% favor and 2 hours or more awards -10% favor.

Mar 30: Added non-combative command to earn doubloons fer players level 10 and above: !Pirates Work

Mar 28: Added more Top stats: achievements,bonus,bot,bot revenge,bountee,bountier,buy,captain attack,captain ignore,captain quest,captcha,cast,catch,claim bounty,defend,dig,dive,duel lower,finder,game,mob,monster,personal quest,plank,rest,sell,wench,work

Mar 26: Added Top Pirate Stats: !Pirates Top <charver,duel,help,fish,help,lockpick,news,party,played,rob,sail,trader and more coming soon.

Mar 25: Voyages between ports that are longer than 2 hours penalizes the Cap'n wit -5% favor. !Pirates Rep and !Pirates Donate now show the raw numbers for hostile factions.

Mar 24: Sailing times now based on distances between current and destination. Times are roughly based on how many grids are between ports multiplied by 10 based on the map of the world. Times listed in !Pirates Ports

Mar 23: Captain favorability is only affected when ye are Cap'n n' commands/events that affect favor 'expire' after 48 hours. Ye only need to be 90% favor or above if ye concerned wit' mutinies so Cap'ns do not have to be perfect for the mutiny 'bonus'. Mutinies are now based on the number of pirates that are onboard. Read more here.

Mar 22: New Captain Favorability n' mutiny requirements are active. Everyone has been reset to 51% which is the same as no commands in the past 2 days with the new system. Read more here.

Mar 21: New Cap'n favor system n' mutiny changes will be active in the next day or so. Once implemented everyone be start at 51% favor. See new favor wit' !Pirates Captain Stats.

Mar 17: Bounties will now expire after 5 days.

Mar 16: Lowered level requirements.

Mar 07: Added a couple new achievements. Markets 'ave "budgets" n' can only buy so many items from ye (more info here). Herbs, poisons, n' goods can now be purchased in markets. Goods be for level 20+ pirates n' can reap ye hefty profits. See here.

Mar 02: Added chance to buy special items in the market. Increase chances wit' Charisma skill.

Feb 28: Rare weapons will now default to player chests. Market changes. Added way to remove chest traps, !Pirates Chest Disarm. Chest traps n' locks be listed here.

Feb 27: Players designated as clones 'ave more restrictions. Added ten new achievements. Decreased level requirements. Jesuit and Pirate factions now 'ave lockpickin' bonuses.

Feb 26: Lockpick command is now active, !Pirates Lockpick. Buy chest traps and upgrade chest locks for protection in the market. Updated help pages with lockpickin' information.

Feb 24: Added more items to the market in preparation for the lockpick command.

Feb 22: The market now be open for business. Chests n' chest locks be available. More items coming soon. Added a 'Sell All' command in the market.

Feb 18: Items now caught during fishin',divin',diggin',castin', n' random events be stored in ye chest (!Pirates Chest) n' can be sold in a port's market. Currently, ye can only buy larger chests in the Market. !Pirates Market

Feb 12: Added 30% chance to level up ye (normal) weapons for the Luck skill level 5.

Feb 09: Parlays now block stealing, sexing and trolling in addition to duels.

Feb 08: New skill effects and some skill effects boosted. Port markets, Lockpicking, and Chests have not yet been impleted.

Feb 07: Added delay between completin' a voyage n' startin' another (!Pirates Sail). Added player chests (!Pirates Chest) to be used in future endeavors.

Feb 06: Added item quality for items ye can cast for. Quality is based on WoW. Group quests are now complete and no longer in beta.

Feb 02: Added command to quit personal quests, !Pirates Quest Quit.

Feb 01: Removed weapon upkeep. Added more tasks. Adjusted leveling requirements. Personal quests be limited to once per day. Group quests are not limited per day n' still be in beta.

Jan 29: Added Charisma skill. Changed level 4 skill effects for Luck. More info here.

Jan 28: Changed skill effects for Fishing and Thievery. More info here.

Jan 17: Stamina is now recovered every 10 minutes vice 20 minutes. Group Quests still in beta n' reduced to players level 15+. Player leveling requirements reduced. List of doubloon abbreviations has been added here.

Jan 13: The lottery is now active. All tickets previously purchased (for 2 doubloons) have been cleared !Pirates Lottery. Group quests still in beta !Pirates Quest Group.

Jan 11: Added a Lottery. It is in beta so all costs/payouts will be 2 doubloons (!Pirates Lottery).

Jan 08: Group quests are now active for players level 20+ (!Pirates Quest Group). Since they are new, they can be buggy so no cost to start them for a limited time. Report any bugs to by messaging the bot or here.

Jan 05: Ye must be at least level 12 fer skills.

Jan 04: Reduced leveling requirements. Defense, Marksmanship, Swordmanship skills points now be gained if you win or lose the duel. !Pirates Wench now has a chance to give ye a power boost fer duels.

Jan 03: The ship must now be underway to start ship quests. Some commands are blocked while Blackjack is bein' played.

Jan 02: Added !Pirates Troll <pirate>. The pirate and yerself must be between levels 13-28 to use this command. The luck skill can better ye odds of a successful troll.

Jan 01: Added a way to level new pirates quicker, !Pirates Sponsor. Added ability to rename weapons in the store (!Pirates Store Rename). Added a Kraken event that is triggered after !Pirates Davey Jones has been used X amount of times per day.



Dec 27: Added the Captain command, Parlay.

Dec 22: Thievery skill level 3+ have been boosted. See the changes here.

Dec 21: Added !Pirates Ship Stats (will not be accurate until next season).

Dec 20: Added Christmas bonuses fer Dec 24 n' 25 (!Pirates Christmas). Sharpen n' Blackpowder now give +3 power.

Dec 19: Added !Pirates Stats <pirate>. Stats will not be completely accurate until the next season. Captchas will now ignore nomsg option.

Dec 14: Added !Pirates Yesterday that shows how much you made the previous day.

Dec 8: Added a forum to share upcoming changes, concerns, etc.

Dec 4: Ye can now play 5 games without havin' to buy a bribe. Ye will now be notified when ye marksmanship/swordsmanship saves ye weapon from durability in a duel.

Nov 30: Can now lookup a specific port's faction: !P Ports <port>. Added !P Age

Nov 27: Added three new cheats: 011, 012, 013. Cheat 007 has not been found by anyone yet. Cheat effects

Nov 24: Ye can now use commas in game wagers. Players level 1-5 can do !Pirates Swab, !Pirates Carry, !Pirates Clean, !Pirates Rig, and !Pirates Lookout commands. Players 5-9 can do !Pirates Steer, !Pirates Fix, !Pirates Cook, and !Pirates Repair. Players are no longer able to spam commands for achievements. Players over the age of 30 will now be handicapped in duels. See !p Power and !p Info. Added Youth to the store to counter aging: !Pirates Store Youth

Nov 23: Some players be promoted prematurly. Added aging. All players have been set to 18 years and amount of time they have played: players will age 1 year for every 10 levels ye gain, 1 year for every season ye played, and during certain bad events. Players 5 levels or more away from the Captain's level can now advance 2 levels/day.

Nov 20: Bored on a Friday night? Let's party! (!Pirates Party). Fixed criticals during duels. All 'low-level' commands be opened fer pirates below level 10: !Pirates <Swab, Carry, Clean, Rig, Lookout, Steer, Fix, Cook, Repair>

Nov 17: Lowered leveling requirements.

Nov 15: Add nohighlights option (see !Pirates Options). Added !Pirates Wench to restore stamina when in port wit' a chance to ear extra or not earn any at all. Players who be onboard n' arrive to their homeport get a bonus. Factions can now attack ports n' overtake them. Reduced level requirements for games.

Nov 14: Added !P Cheats <player>. Cheats have been recoded, so ye get another chance to use them again! Cheats can now be entered by messaging the bot (see !Pirates Cheat) n' added a cheat index. Added a help page fer Cap'ns here.

Nov 13: Added 10 cheats (!Pirates Cheat) and a few Easter Eggs. Cheat codes may be similiar to ones used in other games.

Nov 12: Days of the week now affect the ship's luck. See here.

Nov 8: Flags have been changed during voyage encounters n' have a chance to be 'unknown'. Thievery skill levels 3,4,5 effects have been buffed. Ye can now do 2 personal quests per day.

Nov 5: Ship encounters now be based on a faction's port population. The more ports a faction has, the more of a chance ye have to encounter their ships (unless sailing from n' to a different faction's ports). Added chance to raid hostile ports n' added a chance to change the port's faction which will affect ye rep with the factions.

Nov 4: Skills are now ACTIVE! All previous skill leveling has been wiped n' skill cost doubloons to learn. Skill will be adjusted in the coming weeks n' months, so nothing is set in stone. Learn more here.

Oct 30: Welcome Rizon Pirates! Skill requirements n' effects are now on the website (!P Help). All are tenative n' currently have no effect.

Oct 29: Added costs to skills, but they are not in effect until skills are done being coded. Luck skill can now be gained from playing games. Increased store discounts (!P Store Sales).

Oct 27: Added new weapon types. Ye can learn defense, swordsmanship, and marksmanship while dueling.

Oct 26: Skills are now learnable (!P Skills), but do not have an effects on the game. Feel free to test the progression of them.

Oct 23: Poorest players will now be promoted a level (every few days) or receive a bonus. Doubled the bonus that players receive when they return to the ship (offline).

Oct 17: Increased the maximum fishing, digging, and divings per day.

Oct 16: Lowered level requirements. Wagers from games that result in a draw are now added to the next game's pot.

Oct 15: Added chance to find rare weapons during fishin', divin', n' diggin'. Added a bonus fer players who return after being offline for more than an hour. Requirements to receive idle bonuses are less stringent.

Oct 13: All faction standings/rep/relations now all be simplified n' shown at once: !P Rep. Ports can be listed in 'pages' or like !P Ports <faction>.

Oct 12: Sorry, but rollback for today due to bugs.

Oct 10: Rare weapon finds now based on onboard crew population. Players in the brig lose stamina instead of recovering it. Added a captcha that should mitigate the players using timers to play.

Oct 9: Added two Capn commands: command n' promote.

Oct 8: Added monster encounters. Added new captain commands: map, mass find, and monster.

Oct 6: Added a chance for the ship to be attacked when sailing. Added a 'man overboard' event when fishing.

Oct 3: Added storm event (when sailing) that should occur about once a day. Pirates who help will be rewarded, otherwise the crew will be penalized.

Oct 2: Added a treasure map 'random event'. Prices for selling n' repairing weapons are now based on durability. Idle bonuses are now based on when you use !Pirate triggers vice chatting.

Sep 30: Added rewards n' penalities for Cap'ns who sail into friendly/hostile ports.

Sep 29: Faction rep now takes into effect if ye have attacked their ships. Added option to regain a faction's favor with !P Donate (see rep with !P Relations). !P Top can now show more than 5 players.

Sep 28: Added sales to the store! Items will be discounted only for a few hours. See !P Store Sale

Sep 26: Added chance to get bonus stamina when restin' and notification when ye be done restin' (!P Rest). When Cap'n is far ahead of others in terms of doubloons, there now be a bonus on certain bad capn commands.

Sep 25: The Cap'n gets a 15% discount in the store. Added a special 'mass event' in finding items in the ocean and a chance to help players who hook a monster.

Sep 22: Added 'nomemo' to !Pirates options.

Sep 18: Captain Find command will now do a random find twice within 5 mins. Added rest command (see !Pirates HELP REST). Ye can no longer repair broken weapons. Added a reminder when ye weapons are about to break.

Sep 17: Sailing into hostile ports (see !p relations) now have a chance of something bad happenin'.

Sep 16: Added a way to speed up personal quests. See: !Pirates Quest Work

Sep 11: Added the Captain command demote. This will lowers a player's level, but not remove doubloons or change the player's weapon levels. The player will not be able to level up until the next day.

Sep 05: Captains now gets 3 shares (3x doubloons) during ship encounters while sailing. Added port listings (!Pirates Ports). Holidays and rates are here.

Sep 04: Added variable doubloon rates for progression. See !Pirates Rate (100% is normal).

Sep 03: Increased weekend doubloon payout rates to 110%. Holiday payout rates will be published soon.

Aug 31: Referrals are now limited per day.

Aug 30: The poorest online player will now receive a bonus to help catch 'em up with the rest of the crew.

Aug 28: Added noreminders and msgtype in !Pirates Options.

Aug 25: Added ship encounters that can occur when the Cap'n sails towards a port. A ship encounter lets the Cap'n decide to attack the ship or ignore it. Attacking or ignoring faction ships may have an effect later in the game, so choose wisely which ships ye attack. See factions to view the faction flags. Captains get double doubloons on a successful attack

Aug 15: Adjusted level requirements for level 10 and up. A brand new formula for leveling will be used in the next season that should make the process smoother.

Aug 14: Added new achievements for diving, sailing, news, and personal quests.

Aug 13: Added !Pirates Dive. See "!Pirates Help Dive". Ability to attack ships while on a voyage will be added soon.

Aug 12: Captain favorability now affects random events, duels, and mutinies. Favorable Cap'ns should be able to hold the Captaincy longer. Unfavorable Cap'ns can be mutinied with only two voters and have more of a handicap in duels. Favorable Cap'ns need 4 votes to be mutinied against and have a smaller handicap (if any) during duels. Fixed several Capn commands.