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☠ Pirates IRC ☠


Join th' crew to fight sea monsters, duel vicious pirates, discover lost civilizations,  plunder ships, n' more on th' high seas!

The purpose of the game is to earn doubloons which be used to gain levels, buy items from the store, get revenge on other pirates, n' more!

Play the game by joinin' one of the IRC networks on the Play Now page and follow the directions listed.

Want a pirate ship on your network or channel? Ye must have at least 20 active chatters n' the game can be put in a shared channel in reduced message mode. Contact mruno

Report bug reports n' comments by private messaging the bot on ye network.

  Tis item is sold at cost Tis item is sold at cost
Pirates accessories are sold at cost

Pirates Code of Conduct

  1. Every scallywag or womanly scallywag or manly wench, shall obey civil Command.
  2. If any scallywag shall offer t' run away, or keep any Secret from th' Company, he shall be maroon'd wit' one Bottle o' Rum, one Bottle o' Water, one wee Arm 'n shot.
  3. If ye use a bot t' loot or gain advantage o'er another one o' th' crew, that scallywag shall lose th' shares fer th' day or receive Mose's Law on th' bare Back wit' th' Cat 'o Nine Tails.
  4. If at any Time we should meet another Marooner that pirate that shall sign his Articles without th' Consent o' our Company, shall suffer such Punishment as th' Cap'n 'n Company shall reckon fit.
  5. That Man that shall use timered messages shall suffer th' same Punishment as in th' former Article.
  6. That Man that shall nah keep his Arms swab, fit fer an Engagement, or neglect his Business, shall be cut off from his Share, 'n suffer such other Punishment as th' Cap'n 'n th' Company shall reckon fit.

Game World News:


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